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washington's plan to save the u.s. auto industry was a big mistake. >> and how much e-mail is too much? dry, rough, cracked? gold bond therapeutic foot cream. penetrates the deepest layers like others can't. look for the healing seal. gold bond foot cream. serious relief for dry, cracked feet. "meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you? >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> good morning. it's 5:11. it is early and traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza, no signs of any back-up. metering lights wouldn't be on yet. we'll check in with frances and see if there is any traffic trouble spots and find out the forecast. >> san francisco's jobless rate is on the rise again. it was 9.2, but in june it jumped to 9.6%. o
in one of the biggest leaks of american military documents. it could lead to war crime charges for u.s. soldiers. >> at the hall of justice in san francisco, san francisco police chief plans to civilianize a portion of the police force. he is planning to hire 15 crime scene investigators and put 15 uniform officers they replace out on the street to fight crime. >> if you are leaving town, only flight delays are only incoming. with scattered thunderstorms around the southeast we'll have >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> bell ringing on wall street. investors are checking out the european markets. last week, regulators said 7 of the 91 banks if the economy worsened we'll have a report in 15 minutes. >> being called one of the biggest leaks of classified documents in u.s. history. this morning the whistle-blower website, leaked 91,000 military paperwork, include evidence of war crimes. white house and the pentagon are on damage control mode. john hendron shows us what is out there and what else may be on the way. >> this flood of documents was written between
plans to appeal a federal judge's ruling against immigration law at the u.s. ninth circuit of appeals later today. new law went into effect earlier this morning but a block many key provisions yesterday. many people showed their support for undocumented immigrants by blocking traffic around seventh street during last night's rush hour. san francisco police arrested 19 people, most clergy members for blocking traffic last night. legal analyst dean john believes today's appeal is the next legal showdown in the case. >> the judge said she was painfully aware of what illegal immigration caused but who gets to solve the problems? federal government or state and local government? >> it would have required police to question a person's immigration status if an officer suspects them of being the u.s. illegally while investigating them for another crime. >> oakland police are starting to getting ready to how they will deal with the reaction to the sentencing of johannes mehserle in the shooting death of oscar grant. a meeting rud some of the same law enforcement agencies that assisted oakland
byrd. they want to extend those out of work for six months also. >> china has past the u.s. to become the world's biggest energy consumer. it's the latest evidence of china's growth. it's driven up prices in of oil and coal in recent years. a decade ago, china's use was half that of u.s. >> one thing people are spending less on, home entertainment. tv and entertainment continue to follow because a drop of a dvd sales. video on demand all rose but not enough to offset the drop in dvds. >>> retailers are hoping to get shoppers in the holiday spirit now with discounts normally reserved for christmas. stores have been promoting christmas in july on their websites after the success they saw last year with a similar promotion. for the first time, tart is getting in the game. it's offering a one day online sale starting friday morning from clothing to blu-ray disk players. some retail analysts wonder if the christmas in july sales will hurt back to school sales because it's back-to-back. >> what do you think the weather will be like for christmas shopping this weekend? >> if you head outside
by a neighborhoods dog. and the u.s. and south korea begin four games of war drills in the sea of japan. north korea is threatening to retaliate with nuclear weapons. >> good morning. kind of cloudy with fog out this morning. 53 degrees in san francisco for the marathon. i'll have the complete forecast in just a few minutes. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. a 7-year-old girl is reported in stable condition at children's hospital. she was attacked by a pit bull. emergency crews were called to 82nd avenue in oakland yesterday afternoon. family members say the girl was bitten in the face while meeting the dog for the first time. that was after the pit bull's owner assured her it was a nice dog. >> as a 7-year-old child she doesn't understand what is going on. we're trying to comfort her and let her know everything is okay. >> family members tell us the little girl is going to be just fine after undergoing surgery last night. the dog's owner has been interviewed by police. so far no charges have been filed. his potential is being held by animal services. >>> you might recall t
nelson. >> good morning. hugo chavez is threatening to cut off oil sales to the u.s. he will stop it if they are attacked by neighboring colombia. u.s. is biggest buyer and if chavez carries out threat it would be a huge blow on his own country's economy. wall street is looking to keep the momentum keeps up. stocks surged. profits are booming in some of the nation's biggest companies sending shares higher. third of the way through earning season, eight out of ten companies beat expectations. >> launching a kid's breakfast starting today. burger king wants a bigger piece of $25 billion breakfast market that is currently dominated by mcdonald's. >> sometimes you hear something surprising and it's not surprising, this one really is. at&t has been widely criticized reception problems involving the iphone a new survey 73% of iphone users gave a positive response how they feel about at&t's service. it compares to 65% smart phone users who say they are happy with their service provider. a majority of iphone users 77% say they will buy another iphone in the future. >>> even the royals are
again called on iran to release the americans saying that none of them ever worked for the u.s. government. >> a danville man has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for running a ponzi scheme. he promised his victims annual returns of as much as 36% from foreign currency trades he never made. he a used the loot to pay for a lavish lifestyle. >> a girl that was accidentally shot to death by her eight brother will spend time behind bars. they were sentenced yesterday to less than to a year in jail. they were given credit for the 185 days already served. police say the little boy didn't think the gun he picked up was real. >> a new york congressman is generating a lot of buzz when he retires. anthony weiner ripped into his colleagues this week. he projected to procedural tactics to pass health benefits for responders of 9/11. >> it's a shame if you believe it's a bad idea to provide else's health care than vote no, but don't say it was a different procedure. >> republicans attempted to interrupted he refused to yield. >> the gentleman will sit down, i will not! the gentl
an explosion ripped through the backyard where they were living. both are active members of the u.s. navy. a roommate said they decided to throw an oxygen canister in a backyard fire to see what happened. both men were on fire when they ran inside the house and the canister landed in front of a nearby coffee shop. a gas station worker says he felt the blast. >> it felt like somebody shoved you. >> local sheriffs office is getting a warranty to search the home to see if there is any -- a warrant to search the home. >> the sonoma county sanitation district is being fined $348,000 for violating california's water code. it's linked to 37 fewer overflows between january 2007 and last january. the district says that money would be better spent a upgrading the sewage system. >> there are no signs of any leaks from bp's oil well. so nice to see it still. the cap that cut off the gushing oil yesterday is still holding. pressure readings are lower than they expected. 6700 pounds per square inch. they thought it would be like 7500. it could mean that it finally may be depleting but if the pressure d
of u.s. husband go market. >> bloomberg reporter jane king has the money scope report. we're starting with a down dow this morning. >> we really are. part of the reason is home builders, fewest starts since october. it was worse than expected. of course the slump in the sales is because tax credits expired and it was difficult for the housing industry to sustain a recovery. confidence in the economy will wane and goldman sachs, disappointing, but they did this morning and goldman down by more than 1%. they missed analysts estimates and dropping trading resist after settling the fraud allegations. overall the markets are taking a hit, with dow and s&p 500 down 1% and bloomberg index trading down 2% today. two key companies in silicon index do report quarterly results after the closing bell, that is yahoo and apple. apple is down this morning, down about four and a half dollars and yahoo trading down this morning. apple is expected to stay, profits doubled, ipad and iphone 4. question is how yahoo turned it around to reverse the sales growth slow down. lastly, public utilities commissio
into the u.s. they will be moving north to escape rising sea levels and wildfires brought on by global warming. >> gas dash cameras are nothing new for police departments but they want to out fit cops with cameras on uniforms. anybody with a smart phone can record a traffic stop and accuse an officer of wrongdoing. they say wearable cameras would allow officers defend themselves from allegations. departments have recently bought these wearable cameras. we put a link to complete articles on our website at www.abc7.com. >> it's 5:26. first oakland, now richmond, next at 5:30, a proposal that going to help the city balance its budget. >> oakland property owners will be asked to see if they are willing to pay a dollar a day in tax to help out police officers. it's a plan to rehire officers. we'll explain how it could work. >> do it my way or else. budget ultimatum governor swarzenegger is giving state lawmakers. >> a typical day across the lower 48. 80 in seattle and so far not causing any problems. we do have severe weather for twin cities and raleigh, charlotte could have delays. we'll t
. other rallies will take place all across the u.s.. john hendron has more. >> it's a modern day exodus. >> i don't wants to be separated by from my family. >> they are going to decide whether to block the toughest immigration law. >> my family. >> the law requires police in arizona to question anyone that have a reasonable suspicion may be illegal. many undocumented workers are not waiting for the ruling. >> like this right here. now i have to go back to mexico. >> apartment building owner is feeling it. >> we lost 25% of our business. potentially it could have cost us our whole busy. >> that is the point of law that to make it hostile. san diego has seen an influx. >> there has been an increase arrival of immigrants. >> for those that remain, arizona police are preparing a new home, in jail, anticipating a surge in arrests. >> they are gearing up for civil disobedience and plan to block federal offices. >>> back here, bay bridge commuters are going to see a whole new look today. teresa garcia is live on treasure island. talk about a massive job. >> okay, massive is great word because
to the law. activists are planning a similar events in arizona and in other cities across the u.s. it allows police to question a person's immigration status if an officer becomes suspicious while investigating that person for committing another crime. >> major league baseball has wants chuck reed to put a stadium proposal for the oakland a's on the november ballot. they report the mayor intends to discuss the request with the rules committee today. it comes after the mayor announced last week he wants the voters to decide in november whether the city should build a ballpark on city owned land near hp pavilion. new battle measures must be approved by tuesday but major league baseball wo hasn't said whether they would allow them to move. they will help pay for the special election in spring. >> a.c. transit commuters face more delays after the agency cancelled several rush hour runs between san francisco and east bay at the last minute. last night's cancellations followed a large number of drivers called in sick as a labor dispute continues. they claim 15-20% of drivers have called in sick ea
at a shopping center. both stores are expected to open in about two years. >> this morning u.s. treasury is facing new criticism it didn't consider hundreds of thousands of job losses on the economy when it pushed gm and chrysler to close a number of car dealerships last year. the closures were the bailout of gm and chrysler. but a report being released by the special inspector for the tarp fund says the treasury neglected to protect the broader economy to gradually close the dealerships. obama administration at the it saved million jobs and paved the way for companies to thrive. >> people made the 24th annual aids walk a huge success. >> an estimated 45,000 walkers raised 3 amendment. the money will go to bay area organizations for prevention and testing and service. 6.2 mile walk begin and ended in golden gate park. >> well done. way to go. >> let's take a look at the forecast and that gorgeous picture you saw fog rolling in. >> we're going to see that another live shot nice from mount tam. and we have been looking at the fog day to day but still sunny beach weather still on the cool s
cut in half. >>> legal analysts expect the debate to continue all the way to the u.s. supreme court. >> this weekend is the time set to permanently fix the gulf oil leak. many fishermen are worried about how soon they will be able to make an income. >> these shrimp boats will soon be back pulling in their nets. the federal government announced a major reopening of gulf fisheries east of the mississippi but as fisheries open cleanup jobs are disappearing. >> it's going to be bad. people are going to be out of money. >> last month 46,000 people from florida to texas were working at bp's expense and with no oil near alabama an florida 16 jobs have disappeared. there were 7,000 boats involved 4300 are now involved. many fishermen are being paid $1500 a day. >> as long as we have oil coming on the shore tarballs nothing changes for us. >> louisiana's governor says the cleanup efforts will go on for years. >> what we're looking for is not just a verbal commitment but real follow through. >> and well that is no longer leaking it could be shut down by next week. >> we are going to make prog
funded by the u.s. department of energy. if you would like to find a charging station near you or suggest a location, log on to our website at www.abc7.com. >>> standing by the electric infrastructure. are we going to see more sun today? what do you think about that. >>
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